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    Published on Jul 05 in Vancouver Canucks via In this clip on hair extension training one are able to see precisely how easy it is to experience longer, thicker flowing hair in a moment. Merely affix the ready clip in hair portions in your hair for increased length and volume in moments. You can also discover how to curl
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  • To the surprise of no one, the NHL is in another lockout. Instead of me being back to blogging about being excited for a new season, I am not excited about the lack of hockey and instead am looking for other things to fill my time for the next couple of weeks (months?).... read more...
  • So everyone and their mom has written a post about the Canuck ticket renewals that went out last week. Like many other bloggers, I am a Canucks ticket holder. Me and some of my friends (I know my grammar is atrocious some days), share a pack of tickets.It is great fun of during the summer, usually sometime in July or August, where I have had to pay, in full, f... read more...
  • The olympics, winter olympics and paralympics have unfortunately finished but they have created a huge boom amongst sports fans. Ice Hockey has been one of the most successful, introducing thousands to the high excitement and contact team sport. The snow this year has led to many cancellations in sports, this is annoying for any sports fan bu... read more...
  • The Vancouver Canucks made a couple of moves on the first day of free agency. The biggest move of the day was a trade. Zack Kassian, along with a 2016 fifth-round pick, was traded to the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for Brandon Prust. Kassian underachieved in his two and a half seasons with the Canucks […] ... read more...
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